iM Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") explains the way of treatment of the information which is provided or collected in our services on which this Policy is posted. In addition, the Policy also explains the information which is provided or collected in the course of using the applications of iM service which exist in the websites or platforms of third-party company.


In this Privacy Policy, the term “Personal Information” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person; an identifiable person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to a name, an identification number, or, in certain circumstances, location information or the unique identifier allocated to each iM device. Through this Policy, iM regards personal information of the users as important and inform them of the purpose and method of the services using the personal information provided by the users and the measures taken by iM services for protection of those personal information.


1. Information to be collected and method of collection


(1) Personal information items to be collected


Personal information items to be collected by iM services are as follows:

   A. Information provided by the users

  • Social network service

When you decide to create an iM account with a third-party social networking service, we are permitted to collect personal information that you have already made public on your social network service account. You can manage this information in the privacy settings of each social network service.

∘ Name, email address, ID, telephone number, address, national information, address list (acquaintance)

∘ Information of place of taking pictures and date of creation of files

∘ Information of service use of members such as the type of contents watched or used by members, frequencies and period of activities of members


   B. Information collected while the users use services

Besides of information directly provided by the users, iM services may collect information in the course that the users use the service provided by ours.

  • Location Information

Information of device location including specific geographical location detected through GPS or Bluetooth (limited to the region permissible under the laws). iM services is designed to tell you where your items through iM devices. For providing the service, collecting data about your location is necessary. Therefore, we utilise the location information to refer to the combined location data of your phone or device, and your iM devices.


  • Mobile Application Usage Information

We track how, and how often you use our Services. We also collect certain information that your mobile device sends when you use them for Services. This includes information such as your device’s model, operating system type and version, and the dates and times of your requests. We use this information to provide you with optimal services and support, and to collect anonymous statistics that help us understand our user base.


(2) Method of collection


We collect the information of users in a way of the followings:


While the mobile application is running on your device(phone), it sends periodically your location information to iM servers. With the information, we show the location of you or iM devices on your phone which the primary ways iM helps you find your lost items.


iM services record the location information update for each of your iM devices, to provide the last place and the location history feature. In both cases, iM does this so you can find the most recent location for your iM devices, in case you lose them.



(3) Use of collected information


We may use and disclose your personal information to provide, improve and promote our services.

   A. To Provide Products, Services, or Information Requested

iM may use information about you to fulfil requests for products, services, or information, including information about potential or future services, including to: generally manage individual information and accounts; respond to questions, comments, and other requests; provide access to certain areas, functionalities, and features of iM’s services; and contact you to answer requests for customer support or technical support.

   B. Administrative Purposes

iM may use personal information about you for its administrative purposes, including to: measure interest in iM’s Services; develop new products and services; ensure internal quality control; verify individual identity; communicate about individual accounts and activities on iM’s services and systems, and, in iM’s discretion, changes to any iM policy; send email to the email address you provide to us to verify your Account and for informational and operational purposes, such as account management, customer service, or system maintenance; process payment for products or services purchased; process applications and transactions; prevent potentially prohibited or illegal activities; and enforce our Terms.


   C. Marketing iM Products and Services

iM may use personal information to provide you with materials about offers, products, and Services that may be of interest, including new content or services. iM may provide you with these materials by phone or email, as permitted by applicable law. Such uses include: to tailor content, advertisements, and offers; to notify you about offers, products, and services that may be of interest to you; to provide the services to you and our sponsors; for other purposes disclosed at the time that individuals provide personal information; or otherwise with your consent.


   D. Research and Development

iM may use Personal Information to create non-identifiable information that we may use alone or in the aggregate with information obtained from other sources, in order to help us to optimally deliver our existing products and services or develop new products and services. From time to time, iM may perform research (online and offline) via surveys. We may engage third-party service providers to conduct such surveys on our behalf. All survey responses are voluntary, and the information collected will be used for research and reporting purposes to help us better serve individuals by learning more about their needs and the quality of the products and services we provide. The survey responses may be utilized to determine the effectiveness of our Services, various types of communications, advertising campaigns, and/or promotional activities. If an individual participates in a survey, the information given will be used along with that of other study participants. We may share anonymous individual and aggregate data for research and analysis purposes.


   E. Direct Marketing

Individuals who provide us with personal information, or whose personal information we obtain from third parties, may receive periodic emails, newsletters, mailings, or phone calls from us, as allowed by applicable law, with information on iM’s or our business partners’ products and services or upcoming special offers/events we believe may be of interest. We offer the option to decline these communications at no cost to the individual by following the instructions further below.

   F. Services via Mobile Devices

From time to time, iM may provide services that are specifically designed to be compatible and used on mobile devices. iM will collect certain information that your mobile device sends when you use such services, like a device identifier, user settings, Location Information, mobile carrier, and the operating system of your device. Mobile versions of iM’s Services may require that users log in with an Account. In such cases, information about use of mobile versions of the Services may be associated with accounts. In addition, iM may enable individuals to download an application, widget, or other tool that can be used on mobile or other computing devices. Some of these tools may store information on mobile or other devices. These tools may transmit Personal Information to iM to enable individuals to access accounts and to enable iM to track use of these tools. Some of these tools may enable users to email reports and other information from the tool. iM may use personal or non-identifiable information transmitted to iM to enhance these tools, to develop new tools, for quality improvement and as otherwise described in this Privacy Policy or in other notices iM provides.

   G. Anonymous and Aggregated Information Use

iM may use Personal Information and other information about you to create anonymized and aggregated information, such as de-identified demographic information, de-identified location information, information about the computer or device from which you access iM’s services, or other analyses we create. Anonymized and aggregated information is used for a variety of functions, including the measurement of visitors’ interest in and use of various portions or features of the Services. Anonymized or aggregated information is not personal information, and iM may use such information in a number of ways, including research, internal analysis, analytics, and any other legally permissible purposes. We may share this information within iM and with third parties for our or their purposes in an anonymized or aggregated form that is designed to prevent anyone from identifying you.


   H. Sharing Content with Friends or Colleagues

iM’s Services may offer various tools and functionalities. For example, iM allows you to provide information about your friends through our referral services, such as “Refer a Friend.” Our referral services may allow you to forward or share certain content with a friend or colleague, such as an email inviting your friend to use our services. Email addresses that you may provide for a friend or colleague will be used to send your friend or colleague the content or link you request but will not be collected or otherwise used by iM or any other third parties for any other purpose. You agree that you have that person’s permission to provide us with that information and for us to use it for this limited purpose.


    I. Other Uses

iM may use Personal Information for which we have a legitimate interest, such as direct marketing, individual or market research, anti-fraud protection, or any other purpose disclosed to you at the time you provide Personal Information or with your consent.


(4) Sharing of collected information


We may also collect and update location information for your iM(s) anonymously from other iMs’ users who are running the iM app within LoRa range of your device.


We do this to provide you with the most recent and accurate location of your iMs, even if they are out of your devices’ LoRa range. These updates are fundamental to the iM users, which allows iM Finders to help each other find their lost iMs. The location information is reported anonymously and does not identify the owner of an iM to others.


(5) Data transmission


Considering it engages in global businesses, the Company may provide the users' personal information to the companies located in other countries for the purpose as expressly stated in this Policy. For the places where the personal information is transmitted, retained or processed, the Company takes reasonable measures for protecting that personal information.

(If used in the US, additional security measures may be available) In addition, when the personal information obtained from the European Union is used or disclosed, the Company may have to comply with safe harbour principle as required by the Commerce Department of USA, take other measures or obtain consent from users so far as those complies with the regulations of EU so as to use a standardized agreement provision approved by executing organizations of EU or securing proper safe measures.


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